Gubernatorial candidates Kelly, Schmidt raise combined $3.6 million during 2021

TOPEKA – Democratic Governor Laura Kelly surpassed rival Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt with political donations in 2021, while two GOP candidates for state office in Kansas added $ 200,000 to their donation with personal loans.

Kelly’s report on campaign activity from January 1 to December 31, 2021 showed that she had raised $ 2.04 million during that period and held $ 1.9 million in cash at the end of the calendar year. Schmidt, who is seeking the Republican Party’s governor nomination, raised $ 1.63 million over the course of the year and ended the year at $ 1.3 million.

Kelly reported 25,000 donations during the year, and an average donation of $ 26.

“The governor’s historical base Fundraising Record is further proof that Kansans wants her steady leadership, ”said Shelbi Dantic, Kelly’s campaign manager. “It has achieved Kansans by fully funding schools for three consecutive years, investing in our roads and bridges, creating and maintaining more than 30,000 jobs and billions in new business dollars, and balancing the state budget – all while paying for a one-off Challenge fought. Pandemic of the century. “

With a view to the year leading up to the election, Schmidt’s donations ranked high among the candidates who challenged an incumbent Kansas governor. The previous record for a challenger was the $ 1 million that Democrat Paul Davis raised in 2013 in his race against incumbent GOP Governor Sam Brownback.

Schmidt had 3,600 contributions in 2021, representing donors from all 105 counties. Of its total for the year, 95 percent of the money came from Kansas donors.

“This record breaking financial report reflects the Kansans’ unprecedented enthusiasm for supporting Derek Schmidt’s candidacy for governorship and his vision of getting our state back on track,” said CJ Grover, Schmidt’s campaign manager. “Kansans wants positive change, and Derek Schmidt is ready to implement it as governor.”

Heavy AG donations

In the attorney general’s campaign, Lecompton Republican Kris Kobach reported taking in $ 425,000, but that amount included a $ 200,000 loan from himself on Dec. 17. Kobach, the former Kansas Secretary of State, had $ 387,000 in cash at year-end.

Leawood Republican Senator Kellie Warren generated $ 282,000 in donations and had $ 231,000 available through 2022. She did not make any personal loans for her campaign. Anthony Mattivi, a GOP candidate and former Topeka federal attorney, raised $ 135,000 and held $ 76,000 when the reporting period ended in December.

labyrinthThe grand total of exceeded fundraising from the last four GOP candidates for attorney general, including Schmidt’s candidacies in 2009, 2003, and 2017.

“Our message of being the only Republican candidate who will fight back and win against the Biden administration and the radical left is clearly resonating across Kansas.” Warren said.

Lawrence’s attorney, Chris Mann, who is the alleged Democratic candidate for attorney general, reported $ 192,000 in donations and $ 160,000 in cash. He loaned himself nearly $ 8,000.

More personal loans

In the race for state treasurer, incumbent Democrat Lynn Rogers started 2021 with $ 2,500 in cash and ended the year with $ 211,000 in his campaign account. During the year it generated $ 237,000 in donations from approximately 800 donors.

“We will continue to make the necessary grassroots efforts to meet voters across the state of Kansas, share their concerns, raise awareness of the work of the state treasurer, and discuss what I should like to achieve, if I deserve a second term from Kansans, ”said Rogers.

In the four-member Republican field of candidates for treasurer, Rep. Steven Johnson of Assaria reported $ 403,000 in campaign contributions, including $ 200,000 in personal loans. It ended the year at $ 383,000.

Parker’s Senator Caryn Tyson raised $ 164,000 for the calendar year and kept $ 155,000 in reserve. Former Overland Park Congressional Candidate Sara Weir reported donations of $ 85,000, almost that amount of available cash. Lawrence-based Michael Austin, who was a lobbyist at the Kansas Policy Institute, reported $ 40,000 in donations and $ 17,000 in cash.

Acting Secretary of State Scott Schwab, a Republican from Overland Park, raised $ 164,000 in donations and had cash on hand of $ 174,000. His report included $ 26,000 in personal loans for 2018.

His main opponent, Overland Park-based Mike Brown, raised $ 127,000 while he provided a $ 100,000 personal loan for his campaign in December. Brown. who reported $ 127,000 in cash, is Republican and former Johnson County Commissioner.

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt, a Topeka Republican, raised $ 153,000 during the year and built a campaign fund of $ 268,000. She loaned $ 5,200 to her campaign in 2021 and still carried $ 68,000 in loans that she had given to herself four years ago.

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